Advance Amazon Trained E-commerce Specialist (ATES) is a first of its kind entrepreneurship program launched by Amazon, which is aimed at providing business opportunities to budding entrepreneurs.

This program provides an opportunity to earn money with no limits by launching new sellers and helping existing sellers selling on Amazon India.


We know you need a strong reason to join Way2advertize as an ATES Participant & here are some Strong Beliefs Below,

Way2advertize Group was established with the Vision of Providing best Practical & Point to Point Theory knowledge required to start E-commerce Amazon business.

We Empower Our Students with Upgraded E-commerce Practical Knowledge with Market Research, So That They Don’t Fail in Their Career.

Here you learn the mistakes done in Real Time business by Your Mentor Mr. Krishna Choudhary, So that you won’t repeat it.

E-Commerce Business is a Combination of Science & Art which is learned by implementing over the years & gaining Experience & Mr. Krishna Choudhary experienced since 8+ years, which you get in few days.

Way2advertize Group Helped 3000+ Entrepreneurs Upgrading Their

E-commerce Skills in Span of Just 2 Years,

What are you Waiting For?

Who can take this training ?

Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Existing Amazon Sellers
Business Owners
And Any Interested Person




A Journey From Basic to Advance e-Learning.

Product Research

The first & most important step in starting a successful physical product business on Amazon is searching & picking the right product. Most of ecommerce sellers don’t get success, because they cannot find high demand, low-competition products to source and private labels on Amazon.

Legal Documents

The Legal Document is the Basic but most important Part of any Business. Learn about essential & mandatory Documents needed to start Amazon e-Business.

Business Registration

We aim at developing and implementing customized and sustainable project financing solutions together with our clients. Derivative instruments to hedge.

Market Research

We would also help you to find your product strength over the marketplace. We will give your analytical review that might help you to determine the correct action plan to sell on the marketplaces.

Pricing Analysis

It is very important to calculate your selling price of your product without losing your profit. Our expert can help you to set up your selling price inclusive of all your expenses and adding profit.

Shipping Management

Putting an effective Amazon shipping strategy in place is one of the most impactful steps you can take to grow your business online..

Exploring Seller Central

Once you register to sell on Amazon India, your online shop is set up on Amazon.in although it is managed entirely on Seller Central. This is the place where sellers manage orders, find tools to manage inventory and continue to grow their business on Amazon.in.

GTIN/EAN/UPC Exemption

The GTIN & ASIN is required in order to list your products on Amazon. You can list your products until or unless you have GTIN Exemption or ASIN codes. We can also get it done for you.

Digital Cataloguing

Methodically listing your products according to its correct category and adding all the necessary and relevant product-specific catalogue by bulk listing as well as help you with product feed creation (parent-child listing).

Category Approval

There are many categories on Amazon is not open for every seller. Our Trained Executive can help you to get the category approval and make your product available to sell on amazon.

Order Management

Give your customers a seamless shopping experience because we will route the order status updates and manage late shipment rates and subsequent changes in orders like returns and refunds.

Return Management

Simplify your process with a centralised platform for all your return products..

Asset 17

Amazon FBA

Increase Sales, Save Time and Money with Amazon FBA, It will help you increase your online sales by giving you access to Amazon’s world-class fulfilment and fast, free delivery options for your products.

Keyword Analysis

Keywords are the key factor of getting more sales, if you select the right keywords, you will get right customers. Whether it’s refurbishing an existing listing or creation of new content from scratch, you can optimize your product listing via keywords.

Payment Reconciliation

It is easy to use our Amazon reconciliation tool which is created by Ecommerce Chartered Accountant. You receive the benefit of Amazon payment reconciliation with payments perfectly matched against invoices and pending invoices flagged historically.

Product Tax Code

PTC is determined at the time of tax calculation. Product tax code are codes in Seller Central that are mapped to GST rates notified by the government.

Packing Strategies

As an Amazon seller, you have the opportunity to wrap your products in the world-renowned Amazon branded packaging, taking a step towards a great customer experience.

Automated Pricing Tool

Automate pricing and stay ahead of others on the “Buy Button" with the Automatic Repricing tool from Amazon.

Product Photo Shoot

How to do product photography for Amazon. Guide to showcase your products the best possible way. Amazon Product Images are the secret sauce to increasing conversion rates and sales. Allow your buyers to explore your products and get a rich immersive experience.

Promotion & Deals

Curious about Amazon seller promotions? Learn about the different promotion types, from Lightning Deals to coupons, in this training on Amazon promotions!

A2Z Guarantee Claim

The Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee protects customers when they purchase items sold and fulfilled by you directly. If customers are unsatisfied with either and cannot reach a resolution with you, we enable them to file a claim with us.


Sponsored Advertisement

Did you know that sponsored ads can help you boost your visibility, reach more shoppers and increase your sales? Sponsored Products are ads for individual product listings on Amazon. They appear on shopping results pages and product detail pages, helping drive sales and product visibility.

B2B Vertical

Now you can also sell products on amazon in bulk as a business seller and you will get business invoices against your all sales. Whether you are a Manufacturer or Distributor, Small Business or Large Enterprise, now have a targeted way to reach Business Customers by accessing a full suite of exclusive business features.

Account Health Management

Healthy account metrics and performance are not only the best way to avoid suspension, they are imperative to increasing your Buy Box percentage and eligibility. Let’s learn Account Monitoring for Amazon Sellers service to keep you away from risk, while maximizing account performance.

Help & Support

As an Amazon seller, you have a wide variety of help and support options, tailored to suit your selling needs. Whether you have a question or an issue, need self-learning material or want to outsource tasks to verified professionals, support is at your fingertips.

Understanding Reports

The Business Reports offer a range of different reports arranged either by Date or by ASIN. Under the 'by Date' reports, you can also change it to display reports by SKU performance. The three main areas that these reports give Amazon sellers an insight into are: traffic to your products.

Account & Listing Reinstatement

Don’t let an Amazon suspension be the end of your selling career. Getting your selling rights reinstated can be a difficult task, but it’s certainly not impossible. With the right preparation and a solid structure to back it, you can be up and selling again soon with minimal damage to your business.

Amazon Global Selling

Amazon Global Selling is a unique ecommerce export program to sell internationally from India. By signing up to sell globally Indian sellers/ MSMEs will get access to millions of Amazon customers across 180+ countries. Earn in Dollars, Pounds and Euros.

Brand Registration

You won’t have to get through the lengthy process to register your brand on Amazon; We can help you to get your brand registered and also protect your brand from any infringement issues.

Amazon A+ Listing

Learn Basic on Amazon A+ Content is an enhanced brand content offering available to all Amazon vendors. With A+ Content, you’re able to add more detailed item descriptions, heightened images, comparison charts, videos and more.




Learn by industry experts in the classroom or live online as well. Attend from your home or office.



Easy Learning content on 30+ topics in Hindi & English, also get Unique Tools to scale your Business.



Earn a certificate of completion to enhance your profile and credibility.



Join Exclusive Premium Whats App & Facebook Group.



Join ATES & Ecommerce Ki Pathsala Community & Get Insight & updates about the ecommerce Industry.




Mr. Krishna Choudhary is a Revolutionary & Budding Entrepreneur, National and an Internationally Acclaimed E-Business Coach with more than 7+ years Experience. He has been awarded as Best "Amazon Partner Connect Trainer" in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will the training be conducted online, or it is a classroom seating only?

What will be the duration of training? Both the options of online as well as offline training are available. Basis the type of program that you opt for, training details will be communicated to you.

2. How should I get enrolled into this program?

You need to use the above registration link to enroll in the program that suits you best. Post registration, we will reach out to you with the next steps around training and certification.

3. Where is the classroom training conducted?

The classroom trainings are conducted in different cities by our certified partners. Basis your location, we will notify you the trainer and training details.

4. After I complete the training, will Amazon connect me to sellers? Or will I need to find them myself?

For launching new sellers you would need to generate your own leads. You will be a certified partner and can also provide services to existing sellers on Amazon. However, you will not be eligible for any payout from Amazon for the services that you provide to the existing sellers.

5. What kind of training/mentoring needs to be provided by you to the sellers you on-board?

You will have to train the sellers on listing their products, on how to edit their listing/pricing, on order management and on how to maintain seller performance/process returns/refunds. As our partner, you will enable the sellers to grow their business on Amazon.

6. How will I earn money ?

Seller-wise payout will be made basis the net Fulfilled GMS of the seller (excluding refunds/returns and self-ship orders).

7. What inputs/support will I receive from Amazon to improve my sellers’ performance?

Amazon will share recommendations to manage your sellers’ accounts and to make them successful. Your responsibility will be to ensure that the sellers you on-board, act on these recommendations and hence sell more of their products.

8. What are major Don’ts for a partner?

- You should not on-board any sellers without interaction and having established that the seller is genuine and interested to sell on Amazon
- You should not create seller id and password on seller’s behalf
- You should validate all seller details before you create seller’s account on Amazon
- You should get an email confirmation from the seller on the products, price and quantity that are uploaded on the seller’s account
- You should not make any changes to the seller’s account without seller’s consent
- You should not fill in privileged data like seller’s bank details, GST/PAN details on seller’s behalf
- You should not use your/your employee’s contact number at any stage during seller’s registration/on-boarding process, as it can lead to seller’s account getting suspended and is considered as a non-compliant with Amazon policies

9. Am I working for Amazon or the Seller?

Neither. You are a consultant offering your services to sellers who wish to list their products or are listing their products on Amazon.in. Amazon helps you get trained and certified so that you can offer high quality services to such businesses.

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