Ecommerce ki Pathsala is an Initiative by Mr. Krishna Choudhary, who is the Socioprenuer & Ecomprenuer, He is a Renowned Ecommerce Business Coach. “EKP” is a YouTube Channel with more then 25000+ viewership & an exclusive Ecomprenuer Channel with authentic Business knowledge. EKP provides Extensive Knowledge of the e- Business Strategies & Framework, which will help Indian Retailers to transform their business to e-Business. EKP is a Great Solution to decode Success in field of Ecommerce Industry. EKP with its Unique & Trending e-Business Certification Program helps Aspiring Entrepreneur's to fulfill their dreams. At EKP our main mission is to add values to people life via technology & transform their life.


The Power of Ecommerce Journey. The one thing that fixes everything in Ecommerce.